License Agreement

NOTE: We’re temporarily changing license restrictions on the majority of our videos to allow for use in your web streams. Our standard End User License Agreement is below, but we wanted to share some information about our temporary streaming allowances first. A few quick FAQs:

Q: Can I Add Mini Movies to Our Online Services?
A: Videos can be included in your streaming services.

Web License details:

The web license includes our standard license (public performance in a single setting), as well as a couple of additional features:
The Web License allows you to:
Post the video on your website (using a native player)
Include the video in a live stream of your service online
Include the video in a recording of your service online
The Web License DOES NOT allow you to:
Upload the video to youtube or other video sharing sites, outside of a service recording (This means that while you CAN upload this as a part of your service video, you are not able to upload the video solely on its own onto your sharing server.)
Broadcast the video on television

Q: Can I Include Backgrounds to Our Online Services?
A: Cinemagraphs, Motion & still backgrounds on our site can all be incorporated into streaming services.

Q: Can I Include Countdowns to Our Online Services?
A: All countdowns on Playback Media can be included in any of your online worship services.

Q: What about content not addressed here?
A: We’re working really hard to make as much of our content available as possible. In some cases, there are other copyright issues that are outside of our control. Any content not addressed above is still governed by our standard End User License Agreement below.

If you have any questions or need additional clarification, please contact us.

Playback Media is a trademark and registered business name of Salem Church Products.

The Playback Media membership program (also known as the Playback Media subscription program) is only eligible for houses of worship and non-profit faith-based organizations. In order to purchase Playback Media content as an organization that does not fit this qualification, please visit

Our desire is to resource the church with visuals that can enhance the worship environment. This is how we make our living. Please do not copy, duplicate, replicate, redistribute, modify or re-master any of the Playback Media products you download.

As a member of Playback Media’s website, you agree to these terms and are permitted to use this in any live setting including Church Services, Nights of Worship, Conferences, Baptism Services, Sermon Illustrations, etc. Please do not broadcast our media via internet, television and/or other broadcast outlets.

The Playback Media Membership program is designed to serve one church in one location, not multiple campuses. If you have multiple church campuses, you need to purchase a membership for each campus location. Otherwise, distributing to those campuses would violate the terms of this agreement.

By joining our website and engaging with us as a member of the Playback Media Memberships program you agree to the terms of this agreement and the privacy policy of

All sales are final. By purchasing a Playback Media membership, you agree that Playback Media offers no returns, discounts, rebates or refunds. Any account canceled before the end of the one year membership term is not pro-rated or discounted. All membership accounts currently auto-renew after one year at the same price of current membership advertised pricing.

Playback Media is not responsible if you lose any of the content you have already downloaded.

Please don’t hesitate to ask for an additional license if needed or if you have questions pertaining this license agreement.